With zoho books gst compliance is hassle Free !!

Our country moved to one nation one market one tax slogan with GST implementation from 1st July, 2017. We are almost completing 5 years but still the GST compliance remains a major pain point to the businesses. With ZOHO Books GST compliance is made easy, here is how :

  1. GST treatment at Customer/Vendor creation level : At Customer/Vendor master creation stage, adequate care has been taken as to how the sales and purchase transactions dealt with the respective customers and vendors should reflect in the GST returns. The users are asked to select the appropriate GST treatment at the master creation level which helps even a user who is not aware of GST rules & regulations to easily work on accounting, because the ultimate effect of sales and purchase automatically taken care by the software and populated in the GST returns as per the GST Treatment.

  2. HSN & SAC Search option : A search option helps the user to easily associate the HSN and SAC codes to the items.

  3. Multi-Level Approval work flows : The multi level approval features helps the submitter submit the sales, purchase and inventory transactions and the same maybe approved by the approver at his convenience. This proactive measure helps run an error free accounting.

  4. Data drill down on all GST Returns : The user can drill down the data populated in the GSTR -3, GSTR-3B , GSTR-2 and GSTR -9 to the level of transaction and analyze the data for accuracy at the transaction level. This gives a lot of ease rather than the user downloading the data into spreadsheets for analysis.

  5. Easy For Non-Accountants : The users coming from non-accounting and GST backgrounds can continue focusing on completeness of the transactions. The GST compliance will be automatically taken care by ZOHO BOOKS as each and every form is designed to confirm with the effective GST laws, rules & regulations. ZOHO Books removes the dependency on accountants for GST compliance.

  6. GST Complaint Templates: There are multiple templates available in ZOHO Books for the users to select. All the templates are GST compliant. In case, the user requires a custom template for his business, he may avail the developer access and customize the template as per his GST requirements. The business dealing is exports have an opportunity to customize the templates to suit the GST export rules.

  7. Automatic update of GST changes: Amendments to the GST laws takes place quite often. The user need not worry about the constant changes, the software automatically gets updated. The platform offers sufficient information and details via webinars, banners and updates to educate the user. There is a lot of live activity on dashboards happening for the users.

  8. E-Invoicing is made easy : Zoho is a recognized GST Suvidha Provider, which means your invoices can be directly uploaded to the IRP without relying on another GSP. A sound system is put in place to run seem less E-Invoicing.

  9. Generate E-Way Bills directly: You can generate E-Way bills directly from zoho books

“Zoho books is the best accounting software For hassle free gst compliance in india”


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